Ergonomic Tips That Prevent Tennis Elbow in Office Workers

Tennis elbow is a common complaint among office workers. A lot of people, particularly those who work on their desks every day, use a mouse and a computer every single day. It has been discovered that certain bad habits involving the use of the mouse and the keyboard are strongly linked to upper limb disorders such as tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is a recurrent cause for elbow pain for computer users. The source of the pain is injury in the tendon that connects to the bone on the external area of the elbow. Or, the pain may be experienced along the muscle on the outer part of the forearm. The main cause of tennis elbow is when the arm is tensed and extended for long periods, such as when using the computer mouse and keyboard for hours every day.

The condition is highly preventable since it is usually caused by repetitive movements or staying in the same position for a long time. This entails implementing significant changes in office habits and be conscious of movements that lead to tennis elbow. The following are some practical tips on using the above-mentioned office equipment to help avoid musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Position the mouse and keyboard properly 

    The mouse and the keyboard should be placed at about elbow height so that the shoulders can fall comfortably by the side. Positioning the items in this manner require adjusting the height of both the chair and the desk. The mouse and the keypad should be placed at the same level to enable a natural position.

  • Place the mouse and keyboard closer to the front edge of the desk 

    When the mouse and the keyboard are positioned this way, the body will not have to twist sideways to use them. The mouse should be placed as close as possible to the keyboard to avoid stretching. Also, the wrist should have enough room to enable a more comfortable position when using the keyboard.

  • If using a laptop, set it up appropriately 

    While a laptop provides convenience, it is not practical to use it for long periods of time. If using it is inevitable, set it up on a laptop stand with an external keyboard and mouse.

  • Be conscious of hand and wrist movements 

    Keep in mind to remain aware of the movements made when using the mouse and the keyboard. As much as possible, relax the shoulders and the limbs. Do not use too much force when striking the keys or clicking on the mouse. Avoid putting pressure on the hands, such as pulling heavy files or drawers. When pain is experienced, make sure to massage MAXX Relief All Natural Pain Relief Cream on the affected area to relieve pain and to experience relief for hours.

By amending incorrect practices as regards the use of the computer mouse and the keyboard, tennis elbow can be prevented. In fact, with these changes, the likelihood of developing any musculoskeletal disorder is significantly reduced. Also, these disorders are preventable and curable, particularly when they are caught early.



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