Avoiding Neck Pain and Back Aches During Spring Cleaning

The onset of spring indicates the arrival of a season marked by gorgeous clear skies and warmer temperatures. With it comes a new motivation for homeowners to open windows, let fresh air permeate in the home, and refresh their abodes with spring cleaning.

From washing windows, scrubbing floors, cleaning out the garage, to rejuvenating the garden, these chores can also signify the onset of neck pain and back aches that may range from being a mild discomfort to intense pain.

So, how does one balance spine safety while conducting chores and being bitten by the spring cleaning bug? Here are some tips on how to prevent neck pain and back injury while carrying out spring cleaning duties.

  • Warm up 

    Before starting any household chore, be sure to take a few minutes to warm up the muscles in order to avoid muscle pains and strains. Regular stretching of the arms, shoulders, legs and back as well as a quick jog or brisk walking can prepare the muscles for the subsequent cleaning tasks.

  • Do not overreach 

    Cleaning up the home usually involves reaching for spots that are too high up. In cases like this, be sure to use a ladder or a stepstool rather than climbing on top of a table or another piece of furniture. Overreaching can cause pulled muscles and severe muscle pain. In severe cases, it can lead to infection and poor circulation.

  • Avoid spillage 

    Spillage is inevitable when using liquid cleansers and solutions. Always make it a point to mop up or wipe all spills immediately. This is to avoid slips and falls, which often result to neck pain and back aches.

  • Bend using the legs, not the waist 

    Medical experts constantly remind the public to avoid bending at the waist, but instead to always use the legs such as when picking up something from the floor. Bending at the waist increases the amount of pressure on the spine and can lead to back injury.

  • Lift with legs, not with the back 

    When lifting items especially from the floor, bend the knees and keep the back straight to prevent back injuries. Bending that puts pressure on the back can result to a slipped disc, muscle tear, or other spine injuries.

  • Stand up straight 

    Keeping a good posture while doing household chores helps the back to avoid injury. When performing cleaning tasks, one must make sure to keep his spine in line and to be aware of how he is standing or reaching. Doing so can also prevent back injuries down the line.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a pain-free spring cleaning episode. In the event that neck pain or back pain does occur, use a cold pack on the sore area. To reduce pain, massage a fast-acting pain cream such as MAXX Relief All Natural Pain Relief Cream. Because of their formulation, creams work faster and provide quicker relief than oral medications.

Spring cleaning does not have to be beset with neck pain and back aches. With the right physical preparation and good body mechanics, the task can be completed without a glitch and without putting the body through unnecessary pain.



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