Avoiding Golfer’s Elbow While Gardening

Garden lovers know all too well the experience of muscle ache and soreness after long hours working in their patch. Although general muscle pain goes away in a few days, many gardeners complain of chronic elbow pain resulting from golfer’s elbow, a condition characterized by pain on the inside part of the elbow where the muscles of the forearm attach to the bone.

Golfer’s elbow is a disorder wherein the ends of the muscles that attach to the bone are injured. Gardening typically involves repetitive flexion of the wrist and the elbow, resulting to pain on the inside of the elbow. When tending to their backyard, gardeners frequently flex the elbow and wrist, which when done repeatedly will cause pain in the elbow area.

For gardeners to keep enjoying their hobby, they need to carry out procedures that will help them to avoid stiffness, weakness, and general limitation of movements. In order to prevent golfer’s elbow while gardening, gardeners must follow these steps:

  • Warm up first. 

    It is important for a gardener to prepare his muscles and tendons for the activity, especially when it involves strenuous tasks. Without proper warm-up, the muscles and the tendons will be rigid and tight. Gardening with taut muscles will often lead to injuries and trauma.

  • Use correct biomechanics 

    When gardening on a regular basis, people will need to stick to the proper ergonomics in order to avoid pain and injury. Using gardening tools every single day, specifically when repetitive movements are involved, causes strain on the elbows and arms, ultimately leading to overuse injury and degenerative disorders.

  • Stretch the muscles 

    Preparing the muscles for an activity is essential in avoiding elbow strain, sprains, or pulled muscles. When muscles and tendons are flexible, they can move easily and do things without overstretching. So, before starting the gardening tasks for the day, gardeners need to perform stretching routines.

  • Keep the grip on tools light 

    When using hand tools while tending to the patch, a gardener must avoid gripping the tools too tightly. The pressure on the elbow must also be minimized to avoid an elbow strain. Make sure that the weight is distributed in both hands. Whenever possible, avoid too much repetitive, resistive movements of the hand as this can exacerbate tennis elbow.

  • Use a natural pain cream when pain arises 

    A natural pain cream like MAXX Relief All Natural Pain Relief Cream is really important when a person suffers from golfer’s elbow. Many experts recommend a formulation that contains natural ingredients such as camphor and menthol. These two components help in achieving relief from pain while keeping it off from the others.

With these sensible ways, gardening can be performed without worrying about golfer’s elbow. Furthermore, and with approval from a doctor, exercising the sore area is beneficial for the bone as well as for the general health. At the onset of pain, it is important to watch out for signs that golfer’s elbow is indeed true. And when the indications point to the problem, following the steps above can assist in minimizing or relieving the pain.



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