Relieving Arthritic Pain through Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that was reportedly developed during medieval China to help restore the health of monks who had poor health. Today, Tai Chi is one of several therapies that can provide relief for people with arthritic pain. In some cases, relief is achieved to the point that the patient can cut back on medications. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that consists of gentle and graceful movements that safely relieve pain from arthritis while improving the body’s strength, balance, and flexibility.

Many health organizations recommend Tai Chi to those who suffer from arthritis, particularly older folks. A study conducted by The George Institute for International Health found out that the Chinese tradition yields optimistic health benefits for musculoskeletal pain and that its low-impact nature improves pain and disability among people who suffer from arthritic pain. Overall, the exercise shows positive trend in the direction of general physical wellness, leading medical professionals to recommend Tai Chi to arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis: an international problem

In a person with arthritis, musculoskeletal pain puts severe encumbrance on the individual as well as the community so that the condition is considered an international health concern. Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in many countries, with governments spending billions each year, making the disorder one of the costliest medical conditions. With the discovery of the beneficial effects that Tai Chi has on arthritic pain, patients have an option that is not just inexpensive but also has social and psychological advantages.

Improving arthritic pain

As more individuals are diagnosed with arthritis – 52 million Americans older than 18, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCC) – and as the disorder create havoc in their daily routines, it becomes very important that people have more options other than the usual routes. While arthritic pain can be resolved with treatment methods such as cold ice packs and massaging pain creams like MAXX Relief All Natural Pain Relief Cream, having an option that provides long-term health benefits and possibly complete relief from pain is an entirely welcome prospect.

Tai Chi basics

Tai Chi can be regularly practiced individually or preformed in a group. A trained Tai Chi expert guides students through a course that teaches them how to perform Tai Chi moves that will relieve them of their arthritic pain while improving their flexibility and strength. A program called Tai Chi for Arthritis is based on Sun style, a popular Tai Chi move that also has a powerful healing ability. The course has all the essential principles, teaches safe movements, and are short and easy to learn. Because of its safety and efficiency, arthritis groups and foundations in different parts of the world have recognized and supported it.

Learning how Tai Chi can help in relieving pain from arthritis as well as improving their quality of life is essential for any person who suffers from the disorder. Interested individuals can ask about Tai Chi programs in their area, or find instructional DVDs provided on the Internet, and talk with those who have had lessons or who are currently undergoing a program. Regardless of how arthritics impacts a person’s normal life, it is still possible to cope with the disorder and overcome the obstacles associated with it.



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